Welcome to manthings.net! That’s me to the right after a shaving accident resulting in my beard taking a vacation. I’m a guy. My initials spell MAN. I’m not sure if my parents thought of that when they named me or not, and I never had the chance to ask them.

The impetus behind this website is simple, really. I don’t have anything better to do. I have many interests of which you’ll learn if you follow the blog. I plan to discuss all things MANly. Beards, beverages, books, and more! Most certainly beverages. I’ve realized in my early middle age that beverages are the most important thing to me. There’s at least a significant amount of time spent brewing, roasting, sipping, and discussing beverages with friends that I imagine it could end up a blog category with some activity.

I don’t have any idea the frequency in which I’ll post, but stay tuned! I hope this turns into something I can maintain 🙂


I’ve made a strong attempt to make this website accessible for users of assistive technology. If you find that something that isn’t working as expected or could be improved, please contact me and let me know.