Welcome to manthings.net! That’s me to the right after a shaving accident resulting in my beard taking a vacation. I’m a guy. My initials spell MAN. I’m not sure if my parents thought of that when they named me or not, and I never had the chance to ask them.

The impetus behind this website is simple, really. I don’t have anything better to do. I have many interests of which you’ll learn if you follow the blog. I plan to discuss all things MANly. Beards, beverages, books, and more! Most certainly beverages. I’ve realized in my early middle age that beverages are the most important thing to me. There’s at least a significant amount of time spent brewing, roasting, sipping, and discussing beverages with friends that I imagine it could end up a blog category with some activity.

I don’t have any idea the frequency in which I’ll post, but stay tuned! I hope this turns into something I can maintain 🙂

Day Trading for a living

I’m on a journey to explore the possibility of day trading as a living. I’ve been a professional musician (check out my jazz album), a web developer/programmer, and I’m on to my next career as a day trader. The truth is, I’ve always known that trading time for money is wage slavery. I’ve always wanted to be a music artist, but the industry is so completely fucked. The only way to make money in it is to wear ridiculous costumes and stretch your mind to the limits to find enough shock value to entice folks to take a closer look at what you’re offering. In most cases, it’s garbage anyway, but most people will never know because they’re easily entertained and have the attention span of a squirrel. My music is dope as fuck, and I think most people would like it if they could only find it. The trouble is, I hate playing that stupid game, and I refuse to be a travesty of artistry in the name of publicity. There’s my bitter rant about that, haha!

So day trading as a living…is that even possible? Well, I’m here to tell you that I have no idea. There are mixed positions on the subject from folks on the internet. Some claim that they’re very successful, others claim that it’s impossible, and some folks that work in financial markets claim that it’s garbage. It’s difficult to sort through the mess of shit out there since there are so many people on YouTube claiming to have the answer to making millions. I’m not even tryna make millions…just make a decent living so I can focus on my music. I may be a bitter old asshole, but I still have hope…and nothing better to do.

Thanks for stopping by the blog, and I sincerely hope you’ll read some of my posts, listen to my music, and visit my Mark Nokes Official Artist YouTube channel.