One Love

There is but one love
Whole and immeasurable
Now, and yet to come


Gone are blissful days
Lost to tired, grim persistence
Yet onward there’s hope


Longing for her face
For his life has one purpose

Flat-Earth Theory

Where sky meets water
There’s an ever gentle curve
‘Cause the earth is round!


The glassy water
Reflects a sunset’s beauty
Which reflects us all

On Love

Love has no limit
No time, no distance, no sky
It is effortless

Beacon of Light

A beacon of light
In a dim place, perhaps dark
May lead to respite

The Beauty in Strength

She is perfection
Her boundless strength apparent


The water will rise
A songbird tweets melodies
Turn around don’t drown

Bird dreams

What does a bird dream?
Does it wish to fly higher?
Does freedom suffice?

Morning Drive

Rain on the windshield
Makes deafening white noise that
Breaks under a bridge