I’m a musician, technology specialist, database administrator, developer, day trader, investor, entrepreneur, and general all-around badass.

Sept. 9, 2022

I’m finally getting an opportunity to take a real-life, adult vacation (at 40 years old)! I’ve only had one vacation my entire life, and it was put on a credit card…which I regretted. This time I’ve saved expendable money, which I’d only heard about in movies, and planned a trip to Hawaii with my girlfriend. I’m super excited and can’t wait to try all the disgusting things that Hawaiians eat, lol. I’m convinced that I’ll be living on SPAM for a week, and I’m a little nauseated at the thought since that’s basically what all poor people grow up on (when they’re lucky like I was). I reallllly don’t miss SPAM, hahaha.

What I’m doing now…

  • Maintaining my online business
    • Continued development
    • Customer support
    • Website maintenance
  • Promoting my guitar method book
  • Promoting my awesome album
  • Doing the daily grind at my day job as a Sr. Database Administrator
  • Paying off my house very aggressively
    • Thinking about getting into real estate
  • Drinking coffee