GE Dishwasher model #GDT720SSFSS

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I left a review for a GE dishwasher on their appliance reviews website. They “moderated” it and refused to post it so it’s going here and perhaps a few other places. The don’t manufacture this model anymore, but I hope it helps you inform your decision in which household appliances (and companies) to place your hard earned money. I wonder how many other legitimate reviews they prevented anyone from seeing.

GE Dishwasher model #GDT720SSFSS

Became trash too fast

Became trash too fast The wash pump went out after 6 years. I replaced it with a new wash pump and that one went out after just a few months. The rack tines fell apart and rusted in many places, causing pieces of rack to break off during wash cycles and clog interior components. I’m disappointed that I spent money on this, and then money to repair it to only get a few more months out of it. I thought a dishwasher’s lifespan was 7-10 years. Not this one.

That’s it. Short and sweet. My next dishwasher will be a Bosch, and it’ll be delivered this weekend. I’m hearing great things about their stuff. I really hope I can get a few more years out of this next one. I freaking hate shitty companies that make shitty products as much as I hate washing dishes by hand. I know…first world problem.

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