Tesla’s First $15,000 Tiny House For Sustainable Living

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Elon Musk on Time Magazine Cover

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time magazine’s 2021 person of the year forbes first and ranked billionaire with 236.8 billion net worth ceo and founder of tesla spacex the boring company neurolink and more despite all these titles elon musk is living in a house that costs much less than one of his own tesla cars in fact a lot less so make sure to stay tuned as we’ll be sharing with you some inspiring info about elon and his official announcement about tesla’s insane new tiny house for sustainable living welcome to elon musk rewind don’t forget to subscribe to our channel like this video and hit the notification bell icon to get updated with tesla spacex starlink and everything about elon musk

currently elon musk’s primary residence is not some lavish mansion we all know he can afford he instead lives in a 50 000 tiny house near spacex’s development and testing facility in boca chica texas in june musk tweeted that most of his assets had been sold so why does elon sell his expensive homes and move into a tiny prefab home worth fifty thousand dollars in june he announced that he decided to sell the last house he had this isn’t an unexpected move the announcement via twitter stated that he owns just one house in the san francisco bay area that he rents out for events apparently he decided to sell the house because of the fact of a pro-publica report that explained that american billionaires like musk jeff bezos and warren buffett rarely pay their correct share of taxes if they pay anything at all the report revealed that the richest of america’s executives only pay a fraction of their wealth and taxes given that their combined wealth keeps on increasing on june 9th he had stated in a reply tweet about his last residence yeah sold my houses except for one in bay area that’s rented out for events working on sustainable energy for earth with tesla and protecting the future of consciousness by making life multi-planetary with spacex also ai risk mitigation with neuralink and fixing traffic with boring his announcement to sell his house was made on june 14th he had mentioned in a previous post that his primary residence is a 50 000 house in boca chica or starbase that he rents from spacex by revealing this has elon officially announced tesla’s insane new tiny house well why not he is building his own space colony in boca chica he’s made so many incredible projects over the past few years and based on his track record it’s possible for him to create star base which the world still knows very little about bokuchika is a small community on the southernmost tip of texas where people lived a tranquil life up until elon musk and spacex set up shop there he had his sights set on it for almost a year he announced in march that he would rename it to starbase we made a previous video on the subject so be sure to check it out on our channel and subscribe in an attempt to accelerate investments in the southern us state spacex is building a new factory in texas to support its satellite-based broadband service starlink who knows maybe musk doesn’t need to live on earth for much longer as he plans to colonize more than one planet including mars

by 2026 despite being a billionaire one would expect elon to live in luxurious mansions but he sold everything he owned to move into this mysterious apartment it’s obvious that the designer of the house is so talented that musk would love to live there but who built and designed musk’s tesla house we need to remember that musk saw his fortune soar after tesla’s shares increased by 500 percent in the last year alone but to many it’s surprising to learn that elon musk’s house in star base texas is not a sprawling mansion but rather a 20-foot by 20-foot box manufactured in bulk you heard it right musk is now living in what is essentially a 400 square foot studio his house was designed by boxable a construction startup that specializes in easy to build housing modules houses through boxable start at fifty thousand dollars the amount doesn’t include landscaping permits and utility hookup costs the boxable homes aren’t exactly extravagant but musk doesn’t lack the money to fill the details in by design boxable posted a video of the casita in november to announce the company had built the home for a high profile and top secret customer in boca chica although nobody was named bokuchika isn’t exactly a hotbed of fame and celebrity they built this custom home to meet the needs of the top secret client according to musk that’s where he’s currently living boxable homes are built in factories to fold into shipping containers so it’s pretty easy to figure out what’s inside the mystery house using steel concrete and eps foam they’ve taken years of prototyping to decide which materials would not degrade walls floors and roofs are all made of laminated panels making them legal for traveling on highways free delivery is available in some states but there are additional fees for remote destinations the 50 000 price includes delivery and unpacking but permits and others may need to be added to the price the unit comes with plumbing electricity and air conditioning pre-installed and ready to connect in the casita floor plan you can see the inside which can also be customized by combining multiple modules with 375 square feet of living space it comes fully furnished with a studio setup it also has a 10 foot ceiling and large windows and doors its small size doesn’t come at the expense of a full-size kitchen which has a refrigerator double sink and dishwasher and countertops continuing along the walls creating a dining area it has a low carbon footprint so you can basically create your home anywhere you like musk selected bokuchika texas which puts him near spacex’s launch facility musk’s commute is no longer necessary and these homes have remarkable durability as well even the tesla model x can pull it around believe it or not don’t forget that the model x is worth seventy nine thousand nine hundred ninety dollars considerably more than the house itself so maybe now we get the real reason for elon’s decision you might have asked what does it benefit him to get rid of all those extra things well it appears that this is musk’s way of leaving as little of a carbon footprint as possible unlike the rest of the world’s billionaires musk doesn’t own luxury yachts and he no longer owns multi-million dollar homes musk has been attempting to live this way for many years it’s not surprising that he’s downgraded his home despite his constant promises to do so from the sounds of it musk is not regretting the decision at all he tweeted when asked about the tiny house in texas my primary home is literally a 50 000 house in boca chica starbase that i rent from spacex

it’s kind of awesome though the only house i own is the events house in the bay area if i sold it the house would see less use unless bought by a big family which might happen someday elon may be the fun-loving billionaire we all know and love but maybe we can learn a thing or two from him rather than being like richard branson worth 3.9 billion dollars at the time of writing this video and hoping to sell tickets for between 200 thousand and two hundred fifty thousand dollars each maybe we can be more like elon in the end he personally has the lowest carbon emissions when compared to his peers and he’s the world’s youngest billionaire as a side note we all know that the reason why musk has suspended bitcoin payments for tesla cars is due to an environmental concern because he views sustainability as a core value at tesla it makes sense that he would want to live in a tiny house boxable claims that the casita is an extremely energy efficient home as it’s constructed from insulation technology and utilizes led lighting both of which improve resident comfort and savings these houses are durable having a snow load capacity for 90 percent of north america and can be retrofitted to accommodate snow in the remaining 10 percent of locations tiny homes generally use less energy and take up less space than conventional dwellings thus having less of an impact on the environment that’s all for this video about elon musk and thank you for watching if you’d like to receive updates about him make sure you click the subscribe and bell icon

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