Amazon Prime Day Saris Fluid2 Cycling Trainer Review

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Saris Fluid2 Indoor Bike Trainer

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If you were thinking about using the upcoming Amazon Prime Day to finally order that Saris Fluid2 Cycling Trainer you’ve been planning on getting, give it another thought. I was really excited to order mine very recently only to receive not one, but two broken ones in a row!

From the Amazon website:

  • fluid resistance unit provides a quiet and consistent ride
  • progressive resistance offers the widest resistance range and road-like feel.
  • best-selling trainer in the usa.
  • compatible with zwift and other indoor cycling apps.
  • “2” resistance unit roller allows for 650b, 700c, 26″, 27″ and 29″ wheel sizes – up to a 2.0 tire.”
  • this trainer is designed to fit common road and mountain bike frames with included steel quick release skewer and has three settings for rear dropout spacing: 120mm, 130mm and 135mm.
  • Fit type: Universal Fit

From me:

  • Take a pass on this one

The first one appeared to be okay, and I assembled it and even rode on it a few times. After around the fourth time of use, it began to whine and click on every rotation of the resistance roller. The whine just got louder and louder as I rode. After deciding I couldn’t take it anymore, I packaged it up and returned it for a replacement. It’s supposed to be quiet, right? I received a replacement promptly and was thrilled to give it another chance. When I opened the shipping box, I couldn’t tell right away this one was defective, but opening the inner box (the one the product is packaged in) I could see that the fluid was leaking and the cardboard box had soaked much of it up. That was the last straw! I sent that one back for a refund.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there was a reasonable chance that the third one would have come without a defect, but I suppose I was just too frustrated to give it another go. Next time, I think I’m going to try the Sportneer Bike Trainer Stand Steel Bicycle Exercise Magnetic Stand with Noise Reduction Wheel for Road Bike found on Amazon. It has a ton of mostly 5-star reviews and I like that you can adjust the resistance.

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