Oklahoma DPS and Tag Agencies scamming residents

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Oklahoma real id scam

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The REAL ID has been a giant shit stain on the reputation of Oklahoma’s state government. Oklahoma already has a fairly decent reputation for being behind on important and normal things, to put it kindly. I don’t know the details of why they’re so far behind in every way, but I imagine it has to do with all the conservative politicians here spending their time outraged over people’s floppy dildos, sexual preferences, and other general things that are none of their actual business.

In the case of the REAL ID, we all know that the deadline for enforcement has been extended a few times due to the state’s lack of understanding, preparation, and competence. As a result, there’s a kerfuffle at the department of public safety. I sent the following message to Oklahoma DPS today. I don’t even know what a person is supposed to do in this situation. DPS is ripping us off, the tag agencies are ripping us off, and it’s out of hand!

My DL expires in March and I want a REAL ID. The mega center closes tomorrow and I can’t make it. To schedule an appointment online 60 days from now, there’s a charge, so I called and waited on hold for an hour to learn that I can’t schedule an appointment over the phone. I called a tag agency and they want $25 EXTRA for me to get a REAL ID. This is so completely ridiculous and I’m so mad I can’t see straight. Contact me immediately to sort this out. I refuse to pay anything more than the regular fees associated with a renewal, and if DPS can’t find a way for me to renew so I can drive my car to work, I will do everything in my power to find legal recourse.

I’m not surprised that shitty folks would try to profit from this massive influx of people needing to obtain their REAL ID, I’m just pissed and needed to write about it. Thanks for reading. Good luck out there, folks!

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