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This will be a short post. I just wanted to take an opportunity to say how disgusted I am with companies like AT&T. They send out sales people that LIE to get business. Here’s what happened – I had internet service through COX, another HORRIBLE company with the absolute worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. In addition to their shitty customer service, their internet service was shitty too, which made it a no brainer when AT&T began delivering fiber internet to my neighborhood. A sales person arrived with a claim of “price for life” if I switched within the promotional period. I asked several times if that was true, because it sounded like a load of crap. The sales person assured me that it was a special offer that wouldn’t be extended to others in the future, and that my price would be locked in at $70 FOREVER.

I agreed to switch, and signed up for the plan. A few years went by, and no price increase. Then suddenly at $5 increase. I called the company and they said there was never any such promotion. Of course, I was pissed and argued to no avail. Another couple of years passed, and another price increase of $5. Total bullshit. Those motherfuckers can kiss the asshole side of my taint.

I haven’t decided what to do just yet. They pretty much know they’ve got everyone by the balls, but I’d almost rather have no internet service at my house than do business with a company of liars. After a quick google search, I’ve found that I’m not the only one that was scammed by these AT&T assholes, although, there seems to be little anyone can do except pay some other crappy company for their crappy service, or just not have the service at all. That’s the direction I’m leaning, to be honest. I mean, don’t we all have some kind of internet on our phones anyway? Can you even get a phone that just makes calls anymore?

Regardless, it’s important for people to know what kind of company they’re dealing with (or planning to deal with). That’s why I wrote this post. Hopefully you found this useful when doing your research.

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  1. Dude, they just came by my house a couple of days ago. I didn’t get the price for life scam though. We have a low tier Cox sub right now and it’s fine. I just get tired of all the guarantees and shit. One of the most useful lines from Tommy Boy: “I can take a crap in a box and mark it guaranteed; I have time.”